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a data center), 3) You're accessing the website from a network that has a high level of abuse (i.e. Sharpen your social media skills with valuable eBooks, tip sheets, and white papers, Webcasts

Brand Marketers This frees up the man himself to fill his timeline with air kisses to fellow celebs and greetings to fans who, for the most part, shower him with praise. Accueil - Les Résultats - Les Rankings et ATR - Les Records - Les Qualifications - Indices de Performances Rechercher des Perf. Twitter without Stephen Fry would be unthinkable. Get over it." Sorry, people. But every now and then a flash of attitude comes in – with retweets about Goldman Sachs and their tax and old people's winter fuel heating allowance – and there are also some heart-warming interactions – for example, thanking a fan for tweeting him the West Ham score while he was on stage for One Man, Two Guv'nors. Ice Cream with @BLACKPINK is out now: https://t.co/BFK1agYTn0, Bio: Breaking news from CNN Digital. Requested URL: socialblade.com/twitter/top/100/followers, User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/84.0.4147.89 Safari/537.36, 1) You're not actually a human (i.e. Gervais's defence was robust (if not entirely convincing): "Well done everyone who pointed out that Mong USED to be a derogatory term for DS [Down's Syndrome], Gay USED to mean happy.

Easily execute your social media strategy across earned, owned and paid, Deliver flawless social customer experience for your brand, Turn your social media expertise into a profit engine, Perform advanced research tasks backed by trusted data, Your go-to social research engine to quickly make sense of social data Join us! Don't assume that, just because he follows only 29 people, Brown is a half-hearted Twitter enthusiast.

Bio: This Privacy Policy addresses the collection and use of personal information - https://t.co/Jp6yh1T58c, Bio: 45th President of the United States of America, Bio: “Chromatica” ⚔️ OUT NOW https://t.co/137uGkbrgF | HEAD RUSH & HEAT SPELL https://t.co/i7WmQFgtzj, Bio: Comedian, talk show host and ice road trucker. to your twitter friends. An unexpected and, to some of our panel, controversial number one, the founder of Virgin Group (or "the smiley man with the beard", as he's styled on his blog) is a bigger force in social media than many people realise.

Download the app for custom alerts: https://t.co/UCHG9M367J. That pretty much sums me up!!!

Born in Fuentealbilla, Bio: Taking our understanding and awareness of the world further for more than 130 years, Bio: The official Twitter account of the Premier League @OfficialFPL | @PLforIndia | @PLinUSA Join us on YouTube https://t.co/mE5i2L4M3L, Bio: Official #MUFC account. Our traditional media sources that deliver a variety of content such as Time.com and The New York Times appear to attract more people who are only using Twitter for information but have less interaction with the Twitter community. Bio: Sharing things I'm learning through my foundation work and other interests. Please consider adding SocialBlade.com to your adblock whitelist.

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A spate of tweets last year using phrases such as "Good monging everyone", "Night night monglets" and "Two mongs don't make a right" provoked a furious response from disability campaigners and others who saw nothing funny about using a word that appeared to mock people with Down's syndrome. #HeadAboveWater Album Out Now , Bio: ❤️❤️ #LetsLove with @sia is OUT NOW!!!

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to your twitter friends. Getting better at math takes practice. See how top global brands and agencies are having success with Sysomos, Blog @lthqofficial, Bio: #ForçaBarça! Bio: PLASTIC HEARTS OUT NOVEMBER 27th. Create a commenting name to join the debate, There are no Independent Premium comments yet - be the first to add your thoughts, There are no comments yet - be the first to add your thoughts. Bio: ⚽️ Cuenta oficial del Real Madrid C.F.

Tweets as: @ChrisDJMoyles. Studycounts. Thursday 01 March 2012 01:00. satisfaction, Data visualization for real-time assessment of social, news, and The score ranges from 1 (least traffic) to 100 (most traffic).

Indian cricketer, gamer, car lover, loves soccer and an enthusiast. This authority ranking is based on the number of followers, following, updates, retweets and several similar measures used by Sysomos.

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Including Richard Branson, Sarah Brown, Alan Carr and Ricky Gervais. Follower details for each of the 15 users we analyzed is presented below, with both authority and country breakdown. This page was last edited on 10 November 2020, at 23:02. [1] Account totals and monthly changes in ranking were last updated on October 27, 2020[update].

As the table above shows, most users following these celebrities have a very low authority ranking, partly because they have few followers themselves. And in the past year he seems to have devoted increasing energy to making a name for himself in the Twittersphere. UK news, @BBCNews. (The sadly inevitable homophobic abuse is simply ignored.) This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.

Hardcore Twitterati may be alienated by the corporate nature of some of his output, and by his reluctance to reply to his followers' comments.

Everyday at Sysomos, we help people locate key influencers in their areas of interest. ;) Check out your Twitterholic Ranking! Perform advanced research tasks backed by trusted data, Search

This is likely due to them playing a role in the social media community by sharing and conversing with other high authority users and lower authority people trying to learn from them.

@realmadriden: . ❤️, Bio: 1/4 of One Direction :) We would be nowhere without our incredible fans, we owe it all to you. Bio: Filho de Deus, Pai, Feliz e Ousado !

Everybody Wants To Be Famous But Nobody Wants To Do The Work, Bio: Serving sports fans.

His 1.8 million followers retweet him avidly, and when Branson takes up a cause the effect is considerable. Top 50 Twitter Users Top 100 Twitter Users Top 250 Twitter Users Top 500 Twitter Users Top 1000 Twitter Users Top 5000 Twitter Users Hello, visitor! But the warm, blokeish, man-of-the-people persona that has served him so well in the past has clearly struck a chord on Twitter, and no one can accuse him of ignoring the wider world. The following table lists the top 50 most followed accounts on Twitter, with each total rounded to the nearest million followers, as well as the profession or activity of each user.

[1] Account totals and monthly changes in ranking were last updated on October 27, 2020[update]. Showcase your social media data alongside other business data in customized dashboards, Best Practices Wilshere has had plenty of time for tweeting this season and has gathered a devoted following for his largely mundane discourse (mostly shout-outs to friends and family and updates on his condition) on sporting and other matters. insights into actionable customer engagement opportunities.

The opposite holds true for followers with high authority levels; simply because they have a high Twitter authority, doesn’t make them the right influencer for everything. ALSO, proud author or magicaltastic books called The Magic Misfits. In the meantime, he's a giant of the Twittersphere.

For someone who's been embroiled in the odd controversy over the years, Moyles keeps it relatively safe on Twitter; one minor spat with Lord Sugar, but that's par for the course. Please continue to respect all commenters and create constructive debates. A full range of professional services to help you get the most out your experience with us. ... Eddie Izzard's high ranking debunks this fallacy. For more breaking news updates follow @CNNBRK & download our app https://t.co/UCHG9M367J. Tweets as: @rickygervais PeerIndex: 91 Authority: 92 Activity: 41 Audience: 97 Follows: 36 Followers: 1,924,542, The showbusiness polymath (actor, comedian, impressionist, singer, television and radio presenter) has adapted to Twitter with predictable ease.

Using our social media monitoring and analytics platform we looked at the authority rankings of five celebrities, five social media heavyweights and five media organizations. This link’ll let you order ‘em: Bio: Welcome to @WhiteHouse! His first tweets appeared in 2008, reassuring the public about his safety during his unsuccessful record attempt at sailing east across the Atlantic. As well, different kinds of followers can play key roles within the different areas. This could be because they attract everyone from all walks of life. The top 100 people and brands with the most Twitter followers.

A notable early adopter in 2008, he was a central figure in the medium's boom in popularity in the UK. https://t.co/yWyJJZcg2p, Bio: Office of the Prime Minister of India.

Customer support at your fingertips whenever you need it, Command Centers Barack Obama and draw insights, Manage content and relationships across social channels at scale in a What are the most popular Universities on Twitter?

Bio: It’s our job to #GoThere & tell the most difficult stories. Bio: The Official twitter account of Virat Kohli.

Anyone spreading hatred will be blocked . With irons in so many creative fires, Brydon has plenty to say in terms of keeping his fans up to date. But it's when he has slightly less to say that his Twitter voice tends to be most distinctive – as in this:"Don't know if anyone's remarked but it's a bit cold in the UK today.

Twitter data/rankings are extracted and published twice a year and the current edition is based on data extracted in September 2020. Organic Competition.

The most popular users on twitter are crawled every day, everyone else gets crawled randomly. All rights reserved. These days he holds forth more frequently, on a range of issues, from Russian drug policy to office romance, cervical cancer campaigns and advertising for crew for Virgin Atlantic. Results brought to you by mathematics study aid: Studycounts.com. Since then we've seen an online phenomenon christened the "Fry effect", where curiosities he unearths from the web and shares on Twitter cause servers to crash under weight of demand.

And the master of illusion is generous, too: to celebrate his millionth follower in January he ran a Twitter-based competition whose winner would be whisked off for dinner with a friend at The Ivy. a crawler/scraper), 2) You're accessing the website from a computer network not typically used by humans (i.e. My tweets are real, and they’re spectacular.

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